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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Teaching ideas"- A free resource for primary teachers!

There is no end of creativity and innovation and with sharing we learn a lot more. Teaching profession is also full of innovative activities if you are dedicated teacher and want to produce creativity in your teaching, class room presentation etc.
Teaching contains lesson ideas, activities and resources, and they're all FREE to use in classrooms for primary teachers.

* Part of the site "Display Photos" has lots of photos of classroom display. I searched for maths and found this idea:

Link to the page: Facigng picture shows the idea of ordering numbers

Teaching Forum has 267 members, where you can read other teachers ideas, share yours, but you have to register there. This forum is FREE to sign up. There are many useful ideas, links and resources at the forum.

* More teaching ideas contains assembly ideas, display photos, classroom management tips, and lots of other really useful ideas and resources for teachers.

* At Site map link you can search for subject based link of page. And every page brings a lot of ideas.
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