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Monday, December 31, 2012

Hajj activities at early years

During Zul Hajj month we teachers were asked to teach early year kids and involve them in various activities about 'Hajj' and 'Eid Ud Doha'. In every class teachers prepared projects about various Hajj tasks. 

Kids of KGII were asked to wear Ihraam and intimate few Hajj rituals, which was

There are many virtues of the rituals of Hajj, and much wisdom behind them. Students knew the meaning and purpose behind these rituals in easy language.
Regarding Ihram and relating it to learning life, when students put on their uniform they should remember their duties as students and try to perform it as accurately as possible. It also shows us all human are same in the eye of Allah and Allah will judge them only on their actions.

When a Hajj performer says “LabbaykAllaahummalabbayk” at the Meeqaat, he means that he has responded to his Lord. And when a student says “Present Miss/sir” he agrees to follow all the school rules. Disobedience will earn him punishment or reprimand from teachers.

Diplay boards in each class were showing Hajj related pictures. Such as at reception class, a board was prepared 'Colors of Hajj' and kids did the same work as work sheet by coloring at objects i.e 'Kaaba, Camel, plane etc. Stories related to Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him) and Kaaba were told in early year classes.

Hajj dress is 'Ihraam' showing obedience in front of Allah.
This the Hajj counting
Even Bangla boards were related to Hajj topics.

This picture of two hills reminds us of start of emerging 'Zam Zam water'. This chart helped teacher, explain the story of 'Zamzam' to kids
It was a model of Hajj showing the places relating to Hajj virtues.

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