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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tutorial for teachers- Using image search engines and sites to find images and clip art

I have started this series of easy to follow tutorials for teachers who are newbies to computer or internet. Integration of technology in classroom has made a vast change in our learning or teaching methods. We are now using computers and internet to make our teaching more interactive within short span of time.

For classroom use, educators need to arrange a lot of stuff including charts, banners, bulletin boards, notices etc. Use of pictures or clip art is itself a creative process but we need to find specific search engines and sites to select appropriate images to match our needs.
Another important part of using images or clip art is to insert these images or clip art into our documents, but I will talk about it in another tutorial as I want to make these tutorials very simple and easy to follow. 

Image search sites:
  • Google Image Search for 'clipart'
  • Art;- hundreds of simple colorful gif format graphics, with convenient thumbnails all on one page. 
  • Anita's Graphics- You may find original designs; graphics of children, angels, animals, plants/flowers, and web site design elements (buttons, bars, backgrounds). (It is a Swedish site so use 'Google translator to search images from it)
  • Cartoons Clip Library- hundreds of professionally-designed, cartoon-like small clipart and icon type images. Categories include: symbols, food, weather, clothes, traffic, office, animals, and more.Classroom Clipart;- thousands of well-categorized images.
  • Cool Clips- a large collection of original graphics, small but colorful; categories include: business, education, people, animals, food, religious, history, world, internet, military, transportation, sports.
  • Dan's Clipart Library- old-school style clip art designs, the images do not look computer generated; many animated images; well-organized, user-friendly site. 
  • Discovery Education Clip Art
  • Clipart- well-organized, good selection, of colorful fresh images; unique collection not found on other sites. 
  • 1 over ten thousand images in 300 categories 
  • Google Images- a link for a general search for clipart on Google images 
  • Icon Bazaar- one of the most useful sites on the internet for icons (small clipart). Categories include: cars, food, documents, animals, computers, flowers, maps and road signs.
  • Microsoft Office Clipart- free clipart organized by topic; wide selection of illustrations and graphics. 
  • The Open Clipart Library- free public domain clipart; a growing collection. 
  • School Discovery Education- simple clip art images, many in black and white, suitable for use in classrooms 
  • Sno's Studio- sets of graphics and backgrounds in various categories, including teddy bears, gardening, kitchen, valentines, angels, school, circus, various holidays, and alphabet sets. 
  • WP Clipart- thousands of well-categorized colorful illustrations.

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