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Friday, November 2, 2007

Few Islamic blogs of note!

I usually check the Islamic sites, but as there is a professional touch, and most of the informations are alike, I rather prefer to read blogs. I am starting a new series of posts about Islamic blogs with some description. Here are few blogs of note:

1- Islam-Way for a perfect life:
Created by Yaasir Nazeerally, who is from a middle-class family from camp de masque pave. Currently employed in the Municipal Council of Beau Bassin Rose Hill - IT Section. Yaasir is a young active muslim, who have just started this blog in September. But being a youth, his articles are really very impressive.

* This is the article I liked at this blog Islam and youth a reality check

I hope that more posts would come, so keep checking the blog for updates.

Blog link: Islam-way for a perfect life

2- A glimpse into the life of a Muslimah: Created by "Umm Yusuf" . I am quoting the introduction of blogger and blog in her own words:

"I am an American convert to Islam, Alhamdullilah (all praise and thanks be to Allah. I was born and raised in the southern US. So, you can probably guess that I enjoy many outdoor activities. Such as: traveling, sight-seeing, and just generally spending time outdoors. I also enjoy learning how to cook (it’s a definite work in progress). Most of all, I like to learn and share my religion, Islam.
My goal for this blog is to share my thoughts and experiences as a muslim convert. If you are looking for debates then this is not the place for you as i will not indulge in debating or arguing my religion or way of life. However, if you are here to share your ideas and experiences in an intelligent way and with an open mind then welcome and enjoy!

I am not a writer. I do not profess or aspire to be one. My entries probably have plenty of gramatical errors and while I use spell check, I’m sure there are some misspelled words. But try to look beyond the writing to the core message of my posts. My mission is to get the ideas across as bumpy as the writing may be."

The posts I liked at the blogs are:
* 19 Things Sisters can do for Islam in America(or anywhere in the world really)

* Islamophobia Test- Will People React To Woman Being Abused While Wearing Hijab??

3- "For The Students, From The Students, By The Students." Yes this is the motto of an Indian school site Aymen's page, run by two MBHS Students - Aymen Mohammed and Aamer Ali,(now managed by Bestkids Web Solutions)

Aymen's Perception On Schooling:

"A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life."

Note: More sites would be added in future!
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