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Monday, March 30, 2009

Search safely with 'Family Friendly Sites'

Internet is a world of information and if you intend to use it safely for you or your family you should use the search engines which provide family or kid friendly site links. Parents and teachers can help the kids learn how to use internet safely. Picking up family friendly search engines for search purposes is the safe way to browse the net.

Family Friendly Sites is a search engine based site which believes in supporting the online safety of family members using the Internet.

At the left side bar there is "Parent friendly link" where you can search for 'Internet Safety Resources' and 'Parenting Tips'.

There are "kid friendly link" categories like as 'Early Learning, Educational Sites
Games & Entertainment, Online Safety Tips, Search Engines.

Site link: family friendly sites

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Download free 'Home work Toolkit'

There are lots of tips and ideas which can help students do their home work efficiently. These tips can help teachers and parents guide their children in completing the home work successfully.

'Homework Toolkit' is free offer from 'Soar study skills' which is site offering help for students, teachers and parents. This 'Homework Toolkit' includes a variety of resources to help you and/or your child get started on the path to homework success.

This comprehensive guide will help you identify specific homework problems and introduce you to many time-saving techniques.

This kit includes:

* Homework Scorecard
Can you use a homework tune-up? Use this scorecard to see how you measure up and to identify the specific study skills that are best suited for you.

* 25 Ways to Make Homework Easier…Tonight!
This insightful guide is filled with tips and tricks that can help ease homework hassles immediately. Pick two to try tonight, then two more for tomorrow night, etc. A few simple strategies can make life much easier!

* Homework Inventory for Parents
Filled with some of the most common homework frustrations we hear from parents, this inventory helps parents identify their specific needs. Then, it provides some tips about how those problems can be turned around into positive homework experiences.

* Homework eNewsletter
Once a month, you will receive practical newsletter with helpful tips for managing homework. Some articles are written specifically for parents and others specifically for students, but they are always relevant for anyone who has to deal with homework!

- 'Download page link'

Monday, March 16, 2009

Get the simple and basic answers to your questions at 'Brain bashing'

People who search the net for information or seeking answers to their questions, are usually not lucky to find the basic information they need to know. Often the process of getting specific information is very time consuming. Brain Bashing is one of the sites which help you get the basic information and simple explanations of your questions.

Brain Bashing is a centralized resource of questions, Answers and information, provided directly from experts in their relevant fields.

The emphasis is to give clear and simple explanations to your questions so that not only do you get an answer, you get one you can understand!

- You can browse the category, brain cloud from the discussed topics, but if you think that you are not getting the answer to your questions then just write your question at the provided box and submit it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"" - A useful resource for teachers, students and parents

There are many online useful resources for teachers, students and parents but you need to search at specific search engines which are typically for education purposes. Searching at regular search engines like google, yahoo may bring millions or results which are not practical to get the required information within short time. This blog is created just to keep all the necessary information and links at one place. And my intention is to share it with students, parents and teachers as well. is designed to support the international school communities (teachers, support staff, administrators, students and families) in 17 countries in South East Asia. This site offers particular help to families that are moving or living in S.E.Asia and are looking for education opportunities for their children.

It provides links to over 20,000 education websites which will save your time when looking for resources on the internet. You an browse or use the search facility. Many of the more than 25,000+ links to other educational websites have been put on this site by teachers.

Shambles gets between 10,000 and 20,000 'HITS' most days.

The 'Education Project Asia (TEPA)' is a consultancy established in 2002 with the aim of offering support to the international schools in 17 countries in South East Asia.

Link to other pages of the site: 'Educational games'

* The 'Shambles' newsletter is emailed out three times a year in February, May and November.
It contains information and news that will be of specific interest to members of the International Schools Community in seventeen countries in South East Asia.

To subscribe send a blank email to:

You can also read archived newsletter at 'this link'
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