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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Computer training tutorial for free

Every city or town offers some institutions or schools/colleges where you can enroll to learn about computers but many of us prefer to get online training or sign up for it. There are millions of online universities, institutions or training centers offering online computer training courses or tutorials. More people are now interested in online learning as it saves time and hassle of going places.

This post is about an online tutorial which you can get easily by signing up free. You get the free tutorial tips newsletter at your inbox. This tutorial is easy to follow and best thing is that you are getting it free of cost.

180 Technology Tips offers 15 hours of free computer training in 180 easy to follow 5 minute lessons. This isn't a boring 15 hour lecture. This is the kind of relevant and uncomplicated computer training everyone needs.

The main categories you can expect the tutorials/tips are:

Microsoft Windows Operating System Tips, Microsoft PowerPoint Tips, Internet Tips, Microsoft Excel Tips, Computer Hardware Tips, Microsoft Word Tips, MS Outlook Email Tip, Additional Resources

'Sign up' collects the absolute minimum of information to email you the daily tech tips.
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