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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A blog for mothers of preschoolers with tips and resources

I love to share the resources I find during my browsing the net. It is a pleasure for me to discover good stuff, good blogs with useful tips, and resources. Being an educator at a primary school and dealing with reception stage children (4 years to 5 year old), I am in need of more ideas and tips to adopt for my own classroom. I prefer to bookmark blogs which are created with personal touch and experience. 'Preschool mama' is one of those blogs which I have subscribed to get updates of next articles.

'Preschool mama'  is a wonderful blog sharing resources for mothers of preschoolers. The blog is created by a former Montessori preschool teacher and mother of a kid.

What you can find at the blog?
  • Blog has a lot of stuff to help you give your child an edge, enhance his learning and reading skills, and boost self esteem.
  • You can find resources, easy tips and how tos for fun activities and crafts projects. 
  • Get advice on dealing with common preschooler health and nutrition issues.
  • Simple and easy ideas for arts and crafts that combine creativity with a great bonding experience for you and your child.
  • Resources to help with potty training and bed wetting issues, ways to enhance socials skills and encourage independent thinking, and a lot more.
The blogger says:
'You’ll find all the stuff that’s worked for me, the well meaning tips that didn’t, and the tricks I wish I’d known when I was raising my son.
You’ll also find advice, inspiration and motivation for you, the PreSchool Mama, without who this blog wouldn’t exist.'

Start seaching the sites from 'Best of preschool mama' page where you can find posts covering all the topics essentail for the skill or persoanlity development of your child.

Note: Unfortunately blog is not being updated since two years, but still there is good stuff at the blog.

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