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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Importance of Adhaan for Islamic society

The adhan, or Islamic call to prayer, is an integral part of the Muslim faith. The Adhan serves an announcement of the time of prayer.  Adaan is called out in mosques, Islamic schools, homes, and on the street in Muslim communities five times a day.  It is, at the same time, an announcement of the principles of Islam and the significance underlying them of Tawheed, the Risalah, and so on.

The adhan is also used in connection with the birth of a child, when the father reads the Adhan into the ear of his newborn child.

Adhan (call to prayer) lexically means ‘announcement,’ as states in the Holy Quran:

"And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah and His Messenger are free from liability to the idolaters. (9:3)|"

History of Adaan:

 A hadith from Bukhari recounts that the Prophet’s companions one day were discussing how to gather everyone for prayer. Some suggested using a bell as Christians do, and others advised using a ram's horn, following an ancient Jewish practice. Then Umar(R), one of the Prophet's companions, suggested having one person call others to prayer. The Prophet (Saw) agreed, calling Bilal(R), to recite the adhan.

The Arabic text of the adhan is similar for all five recitations (with a slight difference in the adhan recited for the pre-dawn prayer, which adds the line "Prayer is better than sleep"). Its compelling sound is amplified by the skill of the person who recites it: The more melodius and clear the voice, the more powerful the adhan is.

Arabic text of Adhan:

Narrated Abu Sa’eid al-Khudri : Allah’s Messenger (Salla-Allaahu alaihi wa sallam) said, “Whenever you hear the Adhan, say what the Mu’adhdhin is saying.”

It is Sunnah for the Muslim to say the aforementioned supplication once immediately after hearing the declaration of faith called by the Mu’adhdhin (i.e. after hearing the Mu’adhdhin say, “Ash-hadu an laa ilaha illa Allah, Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar-Rasoolullah”)

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