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Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Education World" -A resource for educators!

As this blog is created by an educator, I try to include as many useful links, articles, sites or blogs, reviews which could help kids, students, parents and teachers in getting most from the world of internet. Internet is full of oppportunities for everyone, only need is to use the resources provided in a constructive way. So let's discover the world wide web:

Education World is FREE resource site for teachers and a search engine for educational web sites. It is a place where educators gather and share their ideas. What more you can get from "Education World"?

- a search engine for educational Web sites only, a place where educators can find information without searching the entire Internet;
- original content, including lesson plans, practical information for educators, -
- information on how to integrate technology in the classroom, and articles written by education experts;
- site reviews;
- daily features and columns;
- teacher and principal profiles;
- Wire Side Chats with the important names in education;
- employment listings.

Education World [], the Educator's Best Friend, offers teachers, parents, students, administrators, and school technologists a place where they can start each weekday of the school year with a wealth of new, practical content. Education World now incorporates SchoolNotes [], the leading school-to-home communications platform.

Mission: Education World's goal is to make it easy for educators to integrate the Internet into the classroom. With 98 percent of the nation's public schools connected to the Internet, the need for a complete online educational guide is evident.
More about the site:
About page

Site was created in 1996.

"Education World" has a lot to for teachers, just take time to search the site. Starting from lesson plans to school issues, there are tons of information to discover.

Link: Education World

Start from this page:
Site Guide

* Lesson planning
* Teachers tools and template
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