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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Interested in inventions, innovation and creativity?-Let's explore!

If you are interested in invention, innovation or creativity then you might enjoy browsing Invention At Play.
For students it's a fun but learning site, as you can search, learn and explore a lot at the site.

For teachers, "Invention at play" can be good source of learning and telling our students the stories of inventions.
Invention At Play deals in providing the information about creative plays and skills among children and adults. It also focuses on creative processes used by innovators in science and technology.

Resources link give you more links to sites about invention, innovation, and exploration.

What you can find at the site?
* You may explore the stories of invention, both famous or little known.
* There is a lot to read and learn

Each invention shed some light on the good intentions of the inventor and their quest to improve the quality of life.

* According to TIME: Best inventions of 2006

* The great idea finder was created to promote the progress of science and useful arts by providing a showcase for innovation.
Mission: "to provide inspiration to the "inventor" in all of us".

The site is developed and maintained by Vaunt Design Group, an Internet consulting company.

- History of inventions at "The Great idea finder.

For Teachers: FREE Edicational material(publications) about innovation and invention ,at:

The Lemelson Center, which is for the study of Invention and innovation
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