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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tips to develop your child’s language and communication skills

Every year few children enter in nursery class, with inadequate language and communication skills. One or two to them have speech or language impairments which need professional help. As a parent or teacher we can help our children in developing language and communication skills.

But how to do it?

Literacy provides tips and guidance in developing these skills.

"Literacy trust" explains it:
“Talking and listening to young children helps them develop good language and communication skills, which enables them to express themselves, listen, learn, read, write and socialize better. It also helps children feel valued, builds their confidence and helps parents and children to bond.”

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity, and all the resources or information from the site are FREE.

Their vision is that within 10 years They will have facilitated a positive cultural shift so that all children receive from their parents and careers a stimulating language-rich start to life.

MOre about the site:

It started in January 2003, to provide a one-stop shop for information, advice and downloadable free resources on early language and communication to support early years professionals and inform parents.
They have raised some very specific issues to campaign on, such as the need for pusher-facing pushchairs and buggies and the need for the topic of language acquisition to be taught in schools.

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There are a lot of useful links, articles and information at the site, so as a parent or teacher, my advice is to book mark this site and take time to search the whole site.

As 2008 is named the "National year of reading" we can participate in this Campaign by encouraging our young ones and involving ourselves in reading and talking with them.

More links:
* A guide for talking to school age children
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