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Friday, May 2, 2008

Learn pencil drawing at "Toad Hollow Studio"

I am always fascinated by pencil drawing and sketches. From the very young age I have passion for drawing and still now when I am a teacher, I love to teach simple and easy tips/techniques to my nursery class students. I enjoy the creativity and versatality of my student's art/drawings. From the web, you can find many resources or sites, which can teach you FREE lessons, tips about drawing.

Toad Hollow Studio is run by by Carol Rosinski, who is an artist and basically teaches pencil drawings. She is author of "Drawing Made Easy", but at her site and blog, she is offering a lot of free stuff for drawing learners.

The name of the site is very attractive and Carol says: "Since my artwork is inspired by the life I see around me everyday, I named my art studio "Toad Hollow Studio."

Carol describes the location of her residnece:

"My husband and I moved to our home in Michigan over twenty years ago. We have a small house sitting on three acres. Our property is about one acre wide and three long, and there is a low spot in the middle that collects water during the spring of the year. We have a deep woods on two sides and a large horse pasture on another side. To our delight, we discovered that the deep woods around us and the lay of our land make it a desirable home for many different kinds of wild life. We've seen, to name a few, deer, fox, rabbits, turtles, snakes, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, frogs, lizards, all sort of birds, and lots and lots of toads.

The busy lives of the animals all around us are inspiring to my husband and me. We study them closely and see that their lives are full of happiness, grief, relief, fear, peacefulness, and great joy. In other words, the lives of the creatures around us are as full and varied as our own. We named our home "Toad Hollow" to reflect the rich and wonderful stories we see unfolding around us. We have a story from "Wind in the Willows" acted out in our own backyard everyday."

Her blog has many useful posts for drawing learners. You can get other blog or site links at her blog roll. And by subscribing to this blog, you can get fresh post news at your inbox.

There are a lot of FREE lessons for drawing learning.
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