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Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Jerry Burm" - helping us raise children into happy adults

I din't review "Jerry Burm" in my previous post, because I felt that her sites need a seperate post. Because we all want to raise our children happy adults. There is a lot to learn for parents and teachers who can discover "learning disability" among them or children. I hope that learning can show us a way to recover from any kind of disability symptoms.

Jerry Burm believes that:

"People are born with certain traits which they received form their parents genes. However, the way in which a person develops is partly the responsibility of its environment. The younger the child the more impact the environment has on the child. Those experiences become their “world view” with which they look on all further events happening throughout their life, it becomes their representation of the world. The sooner we provide the right conditions the better. There is always the possibility to reprogram our mind but this is much harder than having a good start in the first place. So it’s up too us the adults to provide as much as possible the right conditions so the child can develop in to a happy person."

"Today was build yesterday; therefore, the young individual is our future and the foundation for tomorrow’s society."

Jerry Burm is Giving Children an Optimal Start in Life. It is a learning expedition on how to most effectively raise children into happy adults.

The goal of the site is to publish clear guidelines for the child’s environment (i.e. parents, teachers, child care takers…) on how to achieve this goal.

At her site Happy dyslexic which helps dyslexics achieve their potential and be happy, she Jerry Burm says about her site and herself:

"I discovered I had dyslexia at the age of 42. It was a positive experience to finally know the explanation for some aspects of my character.

In general, I was not so unhappy with myself, yet I wanted to improve certain skills, like being a better writer, reader, listener, being less confused and express myself more clearly. There were also a few things about myself, which puzzled me and I expected to find some answers after my search for more information about dyslexia. After finding answers to those questions, it was like discovering a part of me that I didn't know before, I had the feeling I could piece it all together.

Life is much easier if you know how you function
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