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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Now students can get FREE home work help via internet

Often children or students need help in homework, but they don't get help around them. May be they are away from their schools, class mate or tutor, to get timely guidance. What about getting onlline homework help?

This is called One-to-One Online Tutoring.

This free offer is from SWAP Library Network a non-profit project from Government of Australia.

Through this online site, Children and Young Adults can get Free Homework and Exam Help from Qualified Tutors via the Internet.

This free service allows anyone to come to any of the SWAP library branches or log on from home, Monday - Friday, from 4pm to 8pm and receive expert help from real tutors via the Internet.
Online Tutoring is simple to use. Learners just log on from home or from designated computer terminals at their local library, enter their year level and the subject they need help in and are immediately connected to an expert tutor in an Online Classroom for help.

Subjects covered include:
Mathematics (yrs 4-6, yrs 7-10, yrs 11-12 general, intermediate and specialist/extension)
Science (yrs 4-6, yrs 7-10, yrs 11-12)
• General biology, chemistry, physics
English (general English, essay writing, grammar, usage, punctuation)
Assignment research (humanities and social science subjects)
Study skills (time management, note taking, exam revision).

Learn from Qualified Tutors in an Online Classroom:

Students and tutors can review specific homework, exam, and assignment questions using features such as controlled chat, an interactive white board and shared Web browsing. Tutors and students can type maths equations using a special equation tool, review educational Web sites using a shared browser tool and much more for a rewarding learning experience. The tutors are certified teachers, professional tutors, post-graduates and advanced undergraduates from top Australian universities. They all have years of tutoring experience, are experts in the subjects they teach and have passed government background checks. They also love to teach and share their knowledge online.
Your tutor is online and waiting to help you Monday to Friday from 4pm -8pm!

Remember: This offer is from Australia, so better to check the timings with your local timings.

Just follow these simple steps to connect to your tutor.

1. Go to the Your Tutor website:
2. Enter your library card number and begin!

In order to use Your Tutor all you need is a connection to the Internet and a web browser with the flash plugin installed.
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