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Sunday, December 7, 2008

"The Why Files" - An interactive and informative site for science teachers and students

Teachers and students can both search 'The Why Files' site for science topics help. This a FREE resource without any advertisement so you can browse the site or bookmark it for you.

The Why Files is a non-profit, web-based source of entertaining and informative science information. Founded in 1995 by the National Institute for Science Education and funded by the Graduate School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1998, The Why Files has helped pioneer the art of reaching web audiences with salient, accurate, and accessible science stories.

Each week the site features clearly written, often humorous, and always fact-checked stories explaining the science behind the news. News hooks are the headlines; stories range from 800 to 3,500 words and are richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and tables. Each story includes links to relevant web sites and a bibliography with further information.

While traditional journalistic standards, snappy writing, and timely reporting have helped The Why Files achieve international recognition, it is the non-parochial approach to science writing that sets its apart from most university science web sites and has helped to attract a diverse reader base. Instead of focusing on Wisconsin stories, we consciously avoid them. Science goes far beyond a single institution to form a foundation of modern society. Our mission is to help people realize the critical nature of science; such an understanding ultimately benefits our university as well.

The Why Files is well-researched, educational descriptions of the actual science behind current news stories from the University of Wisconsin

Mission(In their own words)
'The mission of The Why Files is to explore the science, math and technology behind the news of the day, and to present those topics in a clear, accessible and accurate manner. We are based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but The Why Files covers science at all institutions that engage in scientific exploration and discovery. We hope this information will help explain the relationship between science and daily life.'

What you can get from the site?

- The Why Files produces a new story each week, alternating longer features with shorter shorties.
- A biweekly column by science reporter Tom Siegfried, a series of interactive science animations, the ever-popular "Cool Science Images," and
- A series of Teacher Activity Pages linked to the national science standards.

PC Magazine's editors says: "With tons of articles and activities, the Why Files will take you from ignorance to expertise in dozens of subjects."

Why Files articles includes classroom activities! Each article is equipped with a "teacher activities page" featuring relevant discussion questions, activities, quiz and links to national teaching standards. This free resource is designed to help teachers lead students to a deeper understanding of the scientific material covered in each article.
Few titles are:
Miracle of winged migration
Ultimate Storm: What are hurricanes?
Science Meets Sports
Radiation and Health: What Do We know?
Forensic Science: Bugs, Maggots and DNA
Heating the Home Planet
Volcanic Violence
Stem Cell Progress
Tornadoes: Power & Fury
Mosquito Madness
Tsunami Times 3
Polar Science
Heart Bypass Surgery: Up Close and Personal

- Teacher's activities page

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