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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Exploring the environment - A resource for teachers and students

"Exploring the environment" offers teachers interactive ways to teach students about weather systems. It is one of the sites which helps teachers explore environment issues with their students for grades 5-12 and each activity indicates the applicable grade level, though most lean toward the upper grades. Geography teachers can use this link for activity based teaching and suggest their students to prepare their

The homepage for modules and activites has a jigsaw puzzle graphic with pieces interlocking that compromise the topics, their grade ranges, whether they are an activity or lesson, and whether they are "Basic", "Comprehensive" or "Advanced".

The two "Activities" available "Strangers in Paradise" and "Mars Landing" are located on the homepage at the top of the jigsaw puzzle graphic. Both are for grades 7-12, and each emphasizes working with digital images, such as enhancing, saving, manipulating, etc.

Detailed instructions are provided, along with a bit of humor in each scenario. Each of the lessons involves a situation that students must solve.
Some of the lessons include:
- "Florida Everglades",
- "Water Quality", and
- "Tropical Poison"
There is also a "Glossary" provided in a link at the bottom of the page, specific to each lesson.

Students can start browsing from the page: Modules and activities

The "Classroom of the Future" and "Exploring the Environment" is collaboration between NASA and Jesuit Wheeling University, and they are responsible for this fine website that offers teachers unique ways to teach students about weather systems.

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