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Friday, April 9, 2010

Online Interactive typing lessons for kids

Now kids are learning to use technology and they are learning a lot about computers and internet. Typewriting is an added skill for computer users as it speeds up your work. Learning or practicing typewriting is a boring task but many sites have made it very interesting by adding attractive tools for kids.

This post is about online typing lessons in interactive way so that kids or young children learn in a fun way. Best thing about these links is that these online typing practice lessons are free.

* 'Dance Mat Typing' at is provided with animation and games introducing touch typing to children aged 7 to 11. ... Meet the gang and learn to type. Make your way through all 12 stages.

* 'Free typing tutor online with free typing lessons' from 'Powertyping' which is an educational web site for kids, students and adults.

* Learning to keyboard and free typing games for kids!

* 'Kiran's Typing Tutor' is a free keyboarding program for children and adults that includes more than 500 typing lessons, practice, and tests. Each lesson calculates and shows accuracy, words-per-minute, keys-per-minute, as well as typing speed and errors for each letter.

* McGraw-Hill- Glencoe's Online Keyboarding is an online typing tutor for kids or adults that is divided into 16 individual typing lessons ranging from Home Keys and Spacebar to Symbols. Each lesson includes a demonstration movie, typing exercises, a drill, and a printable lesson report to show completion of the lesson.

* E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills is an interactive typing tutor where your child can participate in the Type-E-Chi Virtual Typing Tournament. :E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills -

* 'Learn to type online FREE typing':
Sign up for a FREE kids account and join 4894314 other registered users and learn typing! Take the online Typing Test to check your speed.
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  3. Keyboard games for children to help them learn the different functions of the keyboard..
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