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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recycling of plastic water or pet bottles in creative ways

PET is one of the most common plastics being used by consumers. Bottled water is usually called pet bottles. Recycling of these water bottles is very important to save our environment, our planet. This post is about creative uses or craft projects.
Polyethylene terephthalate or as it is more commonly known PET or PETE is a polymer resin that is part of the polyester family.The PET package is simply discarded by the consumer and becomes part of the waste stream as consumer waste. Some local governments and private agencies collect PET separately from other household waste.

PET bottle recycling is more practical and more easily executed because they are more easily identifiable in the recycle stream since most soft drink and water bottles are made exclusively of PET. Some of these are used in bottles for soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, edible oils, pharmaceuticals, and detergents. 
These first 3 projects are made by children at the occasion of 'Save energy' event, followed by other recycling pictures or news found at the net.

At the occasion of  'Save energy' event, this recycled project was created which shows the use of a  soda bottle as a trash bin
Another crafts created by class 5 boys 'A windmill'
Another recycling example which was created by class 5 boys
Grandfather creates geodesic: It is an innovative sustainable design for kids: the geodesic dome building blocks shown above are constructed entirely of used plastic bottles otherwise destined for a landfill. has a long list of ideas for recycling water bottles-including one for using a bottle to keep your yarn from tangling. 
How about creating a beach shoe made of pet bottles? offers this unique idea of recycling your old water bottles as sandals for the beach. 
The boat made of thousands of plastic bottles used successfully ply the Pacific Ocean and dropped in a number of ports without significant disruption.
This boat has a length of 18 meters have been sailing for four months with the distance traveled 15,000 km. Thousands of old plastic bottles were tied to the pontoon, so that increases used strong special glue.
Plastic Bottle Boat sailing the Pacific Ocean for Four Months

Useful links:

* 20 crafty ways to reuse plastic bottles (An amazing post with link to 20 crafts made of plastic bottles)

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