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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tutorials for teachers- Essential softwares for your computers

This tutorial is about essential software programs which you may need to use your computer effectively. Most of the software programs are available at no cost.

Whenever I re-install my 'Windows' I keep a folder ready at 'software' drive which is named as 'Essential software' as I need those programs to install every time I install new 'Windows'. Let's learn basics about 'Windows'
Windows is the most popular PC operating system in the world. An operating system, or OS, is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. Without a computer operating system, a computer would be useless. Other programs can't run on a PC until the OS is loaded and running. Windows 98, Windows XP, and now Windows 7 or 8 are examples of operating systems.

Anti-virus or Internet Security: First of all you need to have an anti-virus at your pc. You may buy an anti virus program which may include an internet security as well. Microsoft's Security Essentials is an exceptionally good program and provides excellent, always-on defense against all kinds of malicious software. * Download Microsoft Security Essentials
Web browsing: Windows comes with 'Internet Explorer' for web browsing but there are more web browsers which are faster than it such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera all have unique features.
Watching and burning videos: For viewing just about any kind of video file, VLC is ready to rock. * Download VLC player
Photo management, editing, and sharing: Picasa offers plenty of quick-fix tools for adjusting colors, removing redeye and cropping your pics. It makes easy to generate slideshows for sharing online or on disc. * Download Picasa
Adobe reader (to open e-books): Adobe reader is another important software for any version of windows including Windows XP. This software is used to read internet books, called e- books (books in *.pdf) format (note that * here denotes any filename and pdf denotes the file type or file extension). * Download Adobe Reader
WinZip (to open .zip files):  WinZip is a compression software that is used to compress your data(in .zip format). It is the most popular compression software. If you are a regular internet or even a light internet user, then u must be knowing about this software. When you download an important file or software, which is in *.zip format, then you need this software to open and extract that zip file. Basically WinZip is a compression software which is also widely used over the internet to supply more than one file or a folder in a single zipped file. WinZip is used to open zip files, so if you are an internet user, you need this software to manage and workj with these zip files. * Download WinZip 15.5 
WinRar (to compress, handle and maintain .zip or .rar files): WinRar is another important compression software for windowsXP. Apart from WinZip, this is the second most popular compression software. WinRar is used to compress a large amount of data into one small .rar file. WinRar can work with both *.rar and *.zip formats but, basically WinRar is used for working with rar file format.
Flash player (to play .swf files & view flash websites): Flash player is another important software if you are a internet user. Many a times you may see a pop-up stating- This site requires active X controls click here to install this and when you select install you see flash player plugin listed there. Actually sometimes some or the full content of the site has *.swf format for which, you may need to install flash. These sites are called flash sites. In order to open or view a flash site, you need flash player. Flash player can also play any other swf file present on your computer. For example, you can play flash games if you have flash player installed.

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