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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Field trip to a bakery shop

For generations, in Bangladesh people knew that bakery means baked bakarkhani, pithas etc used as snacks. But now a days cakes, pastry and other food items that are sold commercially are replacing traditional homemade pithas, especially in urban areas.
Our children are in love for breads, cakes, tarts, pastries etc, but our traditional snacks still have value in our society.

More about our traditional snacks:

Bakarkhani(also called Bakorkhani, Bakharkhoni) breads are legendary and have been in existence in Dhaka from around the middle of eighteenth century. Bakarkhani or Pithas are often eaten at small meals, such as breakfast or as a snack with tea.

Pitha refers to a indigenous food and food tradition of Bangladesh. For pitha/peetha there is no similar word in English. To explain others in English we interpret pitha/peetha as a rice cake or pie. Pitha/peetha is a part of life and culture of the Banglis, but it is not part of our daily menu.
Most pithas/peethas are seasonal, specially prepared in the winter season because of some ingredients which are available only in winter season.

Earth House Alternative School visit to a bakery shop:

On Tuesday, 2nd December, 'Earth House Alternative School' planned a short visit to a nearby newly started bakery shop named 'Bread and Beyond'. The purpose of this visit was to learn about our modern snack traditions and comparing it with our traditional cultural foods.

As our food habits are changing, we take breads, sandwiches in breakfast. We love to eat variety of pastries, cookies, tarts etc. In our childhood our mothers forced us to drink milk and added just ovaltine or sometimes coco to make the taste better. But now we have flavored milk or variety of coffees.
Inside the bakery shop, there is well decorated area to enjoy coffee or snacks. We chose an area where we all could sit together to have some snacks and drinks. As winter has just started, so it was perfect day to start the day with small bites of chocolate muffin, along with a cup of cappuccino. Children liked hot chocolate milk.

We walked towards the bakery shop using pavement
Entering the bakery shop
Well decorated bakery shop
|Watching how the coffee is made with the help of coffee machine
Enjoying snacks (muffins, cappiccino and coco milk together)
A good looking cappuccino cup
Tahmid trying to create the flower design with liquid chocolate and a tool, on a cappuccino cup.
We asked a few questions to the bakery staff and they told us that each bakery item is papered fresh on daily basis. They had variety of breads such as burger bread, brown multi grain, dark chocolate bread etc. The names of different snacks were interesting such as cheese a cake, basboosa, vegetable quiche etc.

Learning objectives:

-  Our society and traditions
-  Geography (again mapping and learning directions)
-  Traditional foods vs modern snacks
-   Bakery (relating to future class activities ie preparing cake)

Coming back to school my students draw the pictures of pastry shop. And these were really amazing as these future designers can see things in different perspectives which we cannot.

These are the pictures drawn by my students Tahmid and Tahseen.

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