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Monday, May 18, 2015

Water play on a hot day

Today it was a hot day and perfect time for 'Water Play' activity. Under hot, shining sun, kids enjoyed playing with water. Students were allowed to bring their water guns, and after getting some instructions for safety and precaution, they started playing water games. The ground looked like a battle field where kids were shouting, running and throwing water at each other with their water guns.
Kids throwing water at each other

We know that play is essential for children’s development and it helps children to improve their gross, fine motor, co-ordination and concentration skills.

Importance and learning benefits of water play for kids:

Playing with water fosters learning in all developmental areas. It provides opportunities for children to experiment with math and science concepts, strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills, and enhance language development.

Water and a few inexpensive tools can provide a sensory and learning experience.
Free play with water can be a source of learning scientific concepts such as
  • Physics (flow, motion),
  • Chemistry (solutions, cohesion),
  • Biology (plant and animal life), and
  • Mathematics (measurement, equivalence, volume).
Fun under sun at school ground: 

A group picture after finishing their water play. Their smiling faces are proof that it was a really fun time.
The 'water play' started after finishing their regular classes. Children were given clear instructions to be careful during the play, and look after the younger ones.

Kids were allowed to bring water guns to play as water guns or squeeze bottles of water offer a variety of play opportunities, and help children develop eye-hand coordination. Few kids noticed that water guns were not sufficient to have full water bath, so they looked for plastic buckets and started throwing water at their friends.

Children were monitored by teachers to make them feel that 'we love to enjoy play together, but with  responsibility and following the safety rules'. The whole activity which looked like a "water war" was ended without any unfavorable incident.

Today's 'water play activity' helped children learn social skills and cooperation. I am happy to say that children tried to keep their promise to be careful during their water play. Kids learned how to work cooperatively and collaboratively, using all their senses to discover and explore their environment, and develop their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve and experiment with solutions.
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