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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maths Display boards for Nursery

We have two terms during an academic year and during these two terms, we organize four parents teacher meetings. Parents teachers meeting is an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the progress of a child.
Our classroom display boards are also edited regularly, showing our teaching progress and students work. This post is about Maths display board which was displayed last term (end of session). At reception stage, by the end of an academic year, our students finish learning basic concept of counting, recognition, addition, subtraction etc. Following picture is taken from our Nursery class.  This board was displayed at the end of last year.

As you can see that it is named 'Our maths sky'. It shows the progress of the educational session. The topics covered are addition of numbers (single digit 1-10), subtraction (single digit). Students learned about 'Time' and created a flower clock.

The castle at the left side shows the bricks with numbers 1-30. There is a craft work on the bottom left side of the board (A boat scene). This boat is double boat, students tear light and deep color poster papers and stick under the boat. Students also draw a double cloud at the top and added a rainbow on it.

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