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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big bazaar of Play group students

It is November 11, 2012 Sunday. There is an event of 'Big Bazaar' where students of play group of 'Our School' are sellers. You must be wondering what is this 'Big Bazaar' all about. Basically through this event was celebrated to encourage children's lovely and hard work.
Who is the buyer?
Parents of the play group were buyers at this bazaar. Parents were invited to see the creative work done by their kids.

Process of preparing art work
What is being sold at this bazaar?
Children created small cards by drawing, tear and paste etc. They decorated their projects and teachers helped them by putting tags on those products.
What was the price of the creative work done by each play group students?
No money was needed to buy anything. Only lots of love!
Price tags were really unique. The price written on tags was: 'Give me a hug', 'Give me a kiss' etc.
Parents were very enthusiastic about this whole program. They bought the cards made by their kids as well as their class mates.
This event was inaugurated to encourage students by their own families.
These are few of the pictures of this event.

Parents with the proud sellers
Sellers waiting to sell their product

All of the work displayed at 'Big Bazaar' was produced by play group students helping them develop pre-writing, reading and pre number skills.
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