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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another video sharing site for educators and students

'Teacher Tube' and 'Teachers tv' are the best video sharing sites and millions of people around the world use these kind of video sharing sites.

Now its time for 'School Tube' which is for K-12 schools and where Videos and pictures are student produced and moderator approved, The result is an appropriate site for school use.

For a teacher, it helps to see what other schools are doing.
For students it provides the opportunity to easily view work produced by other students from all across the world.

How the media is uploaded on the site?

The SchoolTube platform allows students to upload media.
An email is sent to a moderator informing them that the media is available to be viewed for approval. Only after the media has been approved by the moderator is it available for viewing on the site.

SchoolTube can be used by students, teachers, administrators, and school-related associations.

How students can use 'School tube'?

Students can use it to share media from school, about school, just for fun, or just to showcase academic, sports, and club events to family, friends, and the world!

Teachers can use it to share media right from their classroom, to integrate technology into their curriculum, to learn from recognized educational leaders, to share concepts, ideas, and lesson plans with other teachers,

SchoolTube is for principals:

who want to support their teachers, students, and community. interested in utilizing safe, moderated media onto the school's website. who want to keep up with national educational organizations and activities. to post welcome videos or pictures from their building administrators for parents and students.

Parents can help their child encourage to share media via this platform.

'School Tube' is FREE.

Videos on SchoolTube show the possibilities of what can be done in the classroom, and are a great learning and motivation tool for your entire student body. From sports to drama, assemblies to clubs, and academics to activities, you are sure to find an assortment of new student and teacher created content on it daily,

Link: 'School Tube'
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