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Friday, January 15, 2010

Importance of body language in teaching

One of my teaching assistant was once praising another teacher while commenting on her body language. Body language is an important tool which can help you to be a good teacher, friend or a popular confident personality. In our teaching profession we are given many trainings or participate in workshops to make our teaching more effective, techniques to make use of our body language can trigger our success as a teacher and I also believe that skill development should be a continuous process.

Today browsing the net with 'stumble upon' I discovered a nice article which was about 'Body Language' and it said:

"A research was held at the University of Pennsylvania to determine to what extent a person's body language can affect the impression people make of him/her. The shocking result was that people build their impressions of you based on:

* 55 percent body form, postures and movements.
* 38 percent on the tone of your voice (tempo and frequency).
* Only 7 percent on what you say.

That makes a total of 93 percent for body language(which comprises Bodily gestures and voice tones) and only 7 percent for speech. This means that 93 percent of what you want to say is not uttered in words but emitted from your body language and postures.

Body language is not only used in understanding the emotional states of others, but it can also help you have others perceive you the way you want them to."

I do agree that while taking class, your interaction with your pupil plays most important role and your posture shows your own interest level while delivering your lesson.
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