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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have fun learning maths with 'math mom'

Math is really fun when you really enjoy learning it. I can feel it while doing activities at reception stages (nursery classes). These activities help children learn maths and prepare them for next levels for mental maths. Numeracy strategy has made the maths very easy and fun for young age kids because it really helps them learn maths with playful activities. I am here with a review about a blog and the person behind it 'Maria Lando' who is a math lover. I have copied many words which she said at her blog because I want the readers of this post to check the site themselves. I am sure you would be loving 'math' while having fun learning math with 'math mom'

Maria Lando is the name behind 'The math mom'. She is a working mom who loves humor and maths.

'It has been my drug, my meditation, my weapon and my best friend. It fed and dressed me, led to travel, men, lavish parties and even Cuban cigars. It has placed my name on a movie screen, put my work in museums and allowed me to manipulate things deep inside the human brain. It is called Math.

I believe that math is like reading - simple and regular daily activity guiding us on every step of our way, providing directions, bringing pleasure when encountering a masterpiece, or joy of observing a clever unexpected use. We all are much better at math that we think. And it is about time to adjust our math attitude. Math is not only for geek men in plaid shirts with thick glasses that we stereotype loosing their minds in the hands of beautiful wives and daughters. Math can be everything we make it to be: cool, hip, fun. You can use math to find a real anti-salt solution, to create treasure hunt for you kid birthday party, to check whether 30% off after 50% discount is the same as 80% off (it is not), or to justify not organizing your closet. I believe we pass math attitude the same way we pass language and traditions through generations. By finding our own peace with math, we won't be transferring our math fears down to our kids.'

Liked it?

Then read the full story yourself: 'Love, life and math'

She says: 'Math can be our friend, our tool and our weapon. We all are much better at it than we think. By finding our own peace with math we won't be transferring our math fears over to our kids. Math is for everyone to enjoy. Come play along and become a Math Mom!'

*'Math mom' at news: 'Meet the Math Mom'
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