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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How many kind of pencils you can find and what are the uses of pencils?

There are many kinds of pencils like common lead pencil, colored pencil, mechanical pencil, etc. And there are many uses of pencil despite of the fact that we are now more attracted to computers, notebooks or hand held devices and use fingers or mouse. Let's learn more about pencil, kind and uses of pencils.

According to wikipedia: A pencil is a writing implement or art medium usually constructed of a narrow, solid pigment core inside a protective casing. The case prevents the core from breaking, and also from marking the user’s hand during use. Now we have a new look of pencils, mechanical pencils which are easier in use.

At the moment you can obtain 3 different varieties:
the traditional one (graphite refill encapsulated inside a wooden wrapper of cedar),
the propelling pencil (pens with very fine refills of graphite) or
the bar pencil (Similar to the propelling pencils but with thicker and more resistant graphite bars. Approx.. 5 mm in diameter).

According to 'Pencilopedia there are many kind of pencils like:

  • Indelible Pencils                                                  
  • Copying Pencils 
  • Drawing Pencils 
  • Drafting Pencils 
  • Woodless Pencils 
  • Checking Pencils 
  • Colored Pencils 
  • Writing Pencils 
  • China Markers 
  • Hydro Markers 
  • Carpenter Pencils 
  • Penny Pencil 
  • World War II Pencils 
  • Golf Pencils 
  • Sketching Pencils 
  • Highlighter Pencils                 
How people use pencil?

Writers (drafts of novels, stories, plays)
News reporters and newscasters (interview notes)
Engineers (plans and drawings)
Carpenters (plans and drawings, estimating)
Composers (creating music)
Scientists (experiments)
Teachers (lesson books)
Business people (meeting notes and memos)
High school and college students (class notes and homework)
Golfers (scores)
Parents (grocery shopping lists)

"What are Pencils Used for?

Artist—Sketch Pad
Carpenter—Wood Board
Waiter/Waitress —Order Pad
Make-up Person—Eyes
Sports Scorekeeper—Scorecard

Links for more information:

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* Office museum' explains the 'pencil history'

* 'Pencil History'

* The Pencil  a resource for pencil collectors or enthusiasts, information related to pencils.

* An interesting article: My Pencil Made Me Well

* Creative uses for colored pencils

* The Unleaded Pencil-Making your mark with graphite or color pencils
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