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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interesting facts about learning disabilities in children every parent should know

These are some interesting facts about children having learning disabilities.
A Learning Disability may mean you have difficulty with:
  • spoken language;                               
  • written language; 
  • coordination;
  • self-control; 
  • organizational skills; 
  • attention; or, memory.
Guardians and teachers can help them learn how to cope with their learning problems better by teaching them applyhing strategies that can minimize their effect   There has been remarkable new research in the field of Learning Disabilities and brain function that show how the brain works. As a result, we are now better able to assist those with Learning Disabilities.

Interesting facts about learning disabilities:
  •  People with Learning Disabilities often excel in their chosen fields. 
  •  Those with Learning Disabilities can and do learn, just differently. 
  •  Conservatively, 10-15% of the population has Learning Disabilities. 
  •  An estimated 25% of the population is considered “at risk” for Learning Disabilities. 
  •  Early identification and intervention reduce the risk of school failure to less than 5%. 
  • In 1877 the term “word blindness” (wortblindheit) was coined by Adolf Kussmaul who recognized that there are individuals who can see perfectly well - but are unable to “see” written words. 
  • Dr. Albert Einstein famous for the theory of relativity 
  • and winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics had speech difficulties and never completed high school. Later he wrote, “The spirit of learning and creative thought were lost by strict rote learning”.
  • No one knows the exact cause of LD but it is believed to be a problem with the Central Nervous System, meaning it is neurological. 
  • LD also tends to run in families. You may discover that one of your guardians or grandparents had trouble at school.
Famous people with learning disabilities! 

Do you know that Albert Einstein couldn't read until he was nine? 
Walt Disney, General George Patton, and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller had trouble reading all their lives. 
Whoopi Goldberg and Charles Schwab and many others have learning disabilities which haven't affected their ultimate success.

Useful links:
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* 'LD' offers load of information about this topic. They provide guideline of teachers and parents

* Read the news about disabilities. 
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