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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Role of classroom decor in classroom management

There are many elements of classroom decor that can affect a student’s ability to learn. Colors in a classroom can make you more receptive to be in the mood to study or learn. Classroom decor plays an important role in class management.

A mural at Play class wall- showing Islamic culture and nature
Simple and organized decorated classrooms enhance calm learning environments. Children are attracted to bright colors, but use the bold palette sparingly. Guide students’ attention to specific points you want them to retain, and use the bright colors there instead of anchoring the room in bold yellows or reds.

 A preschool classroom is a lively and energetic place. Preschool children are naturally curious and creative, so the decor of this classroom should showcase their creativity and challenge their curiosity. Make sure that the decor is colorful and placed at a level that makes it possible for small people to see and appreciate it.

You can notice the decor of play class in our school. Hanging paper plates are in various colors with numbers. Other resources and decoration around this classroom corner fulfill the purpose of interactive learning.

The artwork or posters on display on the classroom walls encourage learning and creativity, or act as a distraction. Most teachers carefully select this part of the décor and usually try to play towards their students’ imagination. Students need to feel comfortable with a nice balance of decor they can relate to. Students enjoy seeing their papers hung up around the room, reminding them of their other good grades.

The biggest focal point in the classroom is the bulletin board and it should be the backdrop for your room’s theme. Educational supply stores carry many popular theme kits, everything needed for decorating a classroom - borders, posters, bulletin board content and suggestions for fun classroom activities, but don’t go overboard with the decorations. Strike a balance between the décor, the color scheme and the educational information. 

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