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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blow painting -A fun art activity for early year kids

Research shows that arts and crafts help kids to develop brain capacity in early childhood. Participating in arts and crafts also encourages self confidence, concentration and positive social skills such as flexibility and cooperation.

What you need to start this activity?

  • Art paper or simple A4 size white sheet of paper,
  • poster or water colors (keep cup or container for each color)
  • straw and dropper.

Poster or water color should be mixed with water. With the help of dropper or paint brush you just put few drops of water color or poster color at paper and blow the straw in different directions.
By turning the paper round, the paint can be blown more easily in different directions.

Children love blowing through straw and watch run colors in various directions. Kids of nursery class are amazed when they watch the formation of colorful pattern and design.
Finishing touch: Just cut long strips of poster paper with zig zag scissors and paste around the paper.

The facing picture shows a finished sample of 'blow painting'
There are many ideas which can make this blow painting process more creative as shown in two pictures at the end of the post.

Useful links:

* Blow painting at 'things to make and do'

Another idea from a site
Adding gooly eyes makes it 'germ blow painting'
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