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Monday, March 5, 2012

Play and Skill development among children

Play has always been part of learning and growing, and at the same time it provides enjoyment and fun. It is a tool which teachers or parents can use effectively for skill development among children. Play helps children develop intellectually,emotionally. It also helps in motor skills, and language development skills.

Kids need opportunities to play both alone and with other children. This will ensure that motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills all have a chance to develop and flourish.  Play is one of the ways children learn about and practice living in their world and their culture. It also helps children to manage their feelings and to cope with upsetting things that happen in their lives. Play helps build relationships.
Physical activities improve motor skills. Toys and activities that encourage them to use their imaginations can help them develop cognitive skills. And group activities enhance social skills.

List of various kind of plays and how they help in skill development among children.

Intellectual development (learning)
  • Sorting toys - learning about number and grouping 
  • Puzzles - learning about shapes, sizes, number 
  • Posting boxes - learning about space and size 
  • Hitting a mobile and making it move - learning about cause and effect 
  • Card games and board games 
  • Making up games
Developing motor (physical) skills                         
  • Pushing and pulling toys 
  • Riding on toys 
  • Picking up small things 
  • Throwing and catching 
  • Climbing toys 
  • Using crayons or paint brushes 
  • Writing Computer games 
  • Hitting balls
Social/emotional development
  • Playing alongside others and watching them 
  • Playing with others 
  • Playing mothers and fathers 
  • Copying adults and practising adult tasks and roles 
  • Water, paint and mud - expresses feelings Music - relaxes and expresses feelings 
  • Pretend play - dressing up Games with rules (eg hopscotch, card games, ball games)
Developing language
  • Stories and books 
  • Songs 
  • Nursery rhymes 
  • Games with friends and adults 
  • Talking to each other 
  • Listening to tapes
Cognitive Development

Many educational toys concentrate on cognitive development. This includes things like remembering, problem solving and decision making. These skills are essential for success in school and all other aspects of life. Any activity that requires imagination has the potential to encourage problem solving and decision making skills. Games such as Memory and Bop can help a child develop his memory.

An important part of play for young children is play with parents, and there should be some time for this every day. A toy company some years ago asked a large number of five year olds what they would like for Christmas, and their survey found that many children wanted more time with their parents!

More useful links and online sites:

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  1. I really appreciate the post here. It just teaches us on our children's development. Anyway, have your kids join Montessori Activities


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