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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tips to encourage creativity through art among kids?

Art and crafts activities can help foster creativity and other skills needed to speed up learning process. Kids love art and crafts projects and enjoy doing it. My nursery class waits for Thursday as they know that it is their art and crafts class day. At their art and crafts class they are kept engaged in various kind of drawing, or crafts activities.
I encourage them by praising their effort. Asking related questions such as 'what you have drawn or created?. Often I show the good work to other children.

This post helps you learn tips which can help encourage creativity among kids.
In Childhood and Society, Erik Erikson wrote that the developmental goals of school-age children fall into four main categories:
  1. cognitive, 
  2. emotional, 
  3. social and 
  4. sensory motor
In order to become healthy, happy and productive teenagers (and later healthy, happy and productive adults) children from 5—12 years old must have lots of experience and repeated practice with tasks in each of these four areas.  
Arts and crafts help children experience and practice their skills in all four of these areas.

Tips to encourage Creativity 

  • Take time with a child’s art.
  • Show respect for the art and the artist’s process
  • Comment on lines, shapes and colors: “I see you used three colors.”
  • Show curiosity: “How did you get this effect here?”
  • Comment on changes: “Your drawings look bigger these days.”
  • Ask open-ended questions: “Will you tell me about your picture?”
  • Provide fuel for creativity: “What other materials do you need?”                                                                       
  • Collect recycled boxes, tubes, and lumber scraps. Make 3-D creations. 
  • Provide a variety of drawing, painting, and clay materials.
  • Praise their work
  • Show good work to other children
  • Avoid coloring books.

Remember: Art is not coloring books or mimeo sheets.
Art is not copying or coloring between the lines.
Art is not restrictive.
To be art, a work has to demonstrate individuality.

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