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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Benefits Of Distance Learning And How To Upgrade For Your Career Opportunities

Distance Learning is named as Distance Education, Distributed Learning, or Remote Education. Distance education aims to deliver education to students who are not physically "on site". This post would help you learn the benefits and importannce of Ditance Learning and how to get information from online resources to upgrade for your career opportunities especially to learn about their online mba, online mba programs, online business degree etc.

A majority of academic leaders (57%) already believe that the learning outcomes for online education are equal to or superior to those of face to face instruction."

Distance or elearning has its own benefits including convenience, flexibility, effectiveness, and efficiency.

- Convenience: Distance learning technologies can provide convenient locations for both students and instructors. Many of the technologies, such as the Internet, videotape, and telephone, are easily accessed at home.

- Satellite transmissions can be viewed at specified sites, or the transmissions can be videotaped for later viewing at home or school.

- Flexibility: Many forms of distance learning provide students the option to participate whenever they wish, on an individualized basis. For example, some students may want to review a videotape in the middle of the night or read their e-mail during early morning hours. In addition, one student may wish to spend 30 minutes reviewing a Website, while another spends an hour.

- Effectiveness: Not only is distance learning convenient, it is also effective. Several research studies have found that distance learning is equally or more effective than traditional instruction when the method and technologies used are appropriate to the instructional tasks, when there is student-to-student interaction, and when there is timely teacher-to-student feedback. In a study conducted at California State University, students who participated in a Web-based course, achieved significantly higher test scores.

Affordability: Many forms of distance learning involve little or no cost. For example, over 99% of the homes in the United States have televisions and 65% are connected to a cable-TV service. For these homes, it is relatively easy for the students to watch a videotape or a public broadcast television show. In addition, almost all homes have access to a telephone, enabling the use of voicemail and audioconferencing.

Multi-sensory: One of the benefits of distance learning is that there is a wide variety of materials that can meet everyone's learning preference -- at least part of the time. For example, some students learn from visual stimuli, such as video, and others learn best by listening or interacting with a computer program. If distance learning courses are well designed, they will likely offer learners a wide range of choices, thereby providing the optimal combinations of interaction and media.

Interactivity: Distance learning courses can offer increased interactions with students. In particular, introverted students who are too shy to ask questions in class will often "open up" when provided the opportunity to interact via e-mail or other individualized meand. Through the increased interactions, teachers can better meet individual student's needs.

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