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Sunday, September 28, 2008

List of Sites and Links Helping You Learn - 'Internet And Searching The World Wide Web

Learning about internet, or world wide web is now easy for everyone. Good news is that many sites and links offer FREE tutorials for kids, students and teachers. Most of the tutorials are online and interatvie which means you browse the pages and learn in an easy but effective way, and often there are lessons which you can read offline and get the print of those tutorials. This post would help you learn about computers, internet and world wide web, including the related posts.

Links to the sites offering Free tutorials and lessons about internet, computers and world wide web

* BBC Online offers Becoming WebWise - a free online step-by-step course designed to help you learn the Internet. The course is set up as 8 "trips" and each trip is broken into three landmarks, each containing text pages, quizzes and interactive tasks.

Topics covered include:
Getting Started: what is the internet?
More From Your Browser: understanding URLs
Email: getting the most from email
Using the Net Safely: the healthy surfer
Finding Stuff: the basics of searching
As you progress through the course, your scorecard keeps track of which trip/landmarks you have visited and also your scores in the tasks and quizzes.
Link: Becoming Web Wise

* For basic learners who want to learn about the "Web"
Link: welcome to the web

* Learn the Net is dedicated to helping you master this amazing medium. You'll find articles, how-tos, resources, tutorials and information on all aspects of finding your way around the web. Learn all about email, newsgroups, downloading files, multimedia, how to protect yourself, surfing and more. If you're in a hurry, try the World Wide Web tutorial and in just 20 minutes you'll have learned how surf like a pro (or almost).

* 'World wide learn' Online Directory of Education offers "Online Internet Courses and Tutorials"

* "FREE search engine tutorial" A short and easy guide to Web searching, search engines and directories. This little crash course will teach you how to explore the Net more efficiently.
- search engine tutorial

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