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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Learn Doodling to Make You More Creative

Doodles are simple drawings of just a few meaningless lines. You add your own lines -and colour if you like - to create a sketch of anything you like. The point of doodles is not to create art, simply to use your creative vision.

These two picture show you how to do it.

Doodles are a terrific exercise to help you...

- think more creatively

- brainstorm design ideas

- unlock creative mental block

You can use it for:

- General creative exercise
- Getting started on a project when you lack ideas
- Developing into logos

doodles even make a great party game for kids

This is best accomplished by forcing yourself to complete a doodle no matter how inspiring or uninspiring it may be.

Doodles are great creative thinking exercises because they force you to use your creative vision in order to devise a completed picture from a few lines. In addition, they force you to think visually rather than textually as most people do at work. As a result you are thinking in new ways. You are thinking more creatively.

Doodles are also effective brainstorming tools for graphic designers. Designers looking for an image for a project, a logo or a design concept will find that working through a handful of doodles encourages taking a lateral approach to the problem. The result will almost certainly be new ideas and new images.

Art Doodles are more sophisticated doodles with colours and textures. They are especially designed for graphic artists to complete with their favourite graphics programme.


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