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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where To Search For Educational Stuff?

A good search engine lets you filter any content that may be offensive and inappropriate. This is a new feature that seems to be catching on and is proving to be effective. It can help you find high quality sites, relevant to what you are searching for.

Often we start browsing by entering any keyword at the provided box of a 'search engine'. Result is related to the words or terms we seek from the world wide web, but most of the site links don't provide reliable and FREE stuff. In case of educational or teachers stuff, it is my experience that I had to spend hours in search of the information I needed. Initial purpose of this personal blog was to place the information and links at one place for an easy access, but gradually I realized that there are lot of parents or teachers who are in the same situation and can't find the information easily from the world wide web. This post would help you search at the specific search engines offering the links and free resources for teachers, students and parents.

These are the posts which provide a full review of the search engines for educational stuff. At the bottom of the post there are links to other search engines or sites where you can search for the educational information.

* "Free search engine tutorial" - a short and easy guide to Web searching, search engines and directories. This little crash course will teach you how to explore the Net more efficiently.
A short and easy search engine tutorial By Pandia Search Engine

* "Ask Jeeves for Kids" is an educational based search engine. 'Ask for Kids' allows kids to ask questions and perform web searches, such as "When did Hawaii become a state?" etc.

Read more: Search at "Ask for KIDS" for educational stuff!

* "Kinder Search" is a directory plus search engine, which is focused on children 0-7 years on the net. It is the largest and most popular indexed directory and search engine for kids.

Read the review: Search for the kids sites at "Kinder Start"

* "Study" is a search engine based learning portal for students, families and teachers. It provides fast, easy and free access to a wide variety of research-quality child-safe websites organized for education online from home, school, study abroad and home school.

Read the review: "Study Sphere"- providing learning resources!

* "Child and family web guide" is a directory of the sites rated by experts from "Tufts University" which is one of the premimier universities in the United States. The goal of the WebGuide is to give the public easy access to the best child development information on the Web.

Read more: A "Child and Family Web Guide" about child development sites

* Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators and librarians address common questions about the use of technology in teaching and learning.

- Search Tools for Kids, Teens, and Teachers

* A list of education search engines from "Search Engine Guide"

* Search engine with the option to search for web sites, encyclopedia, dictionary or thesaurus.

* How to find and use the Invisible Web and Meta Search Engines at the Educational CyberPlayGround.
- Edu-cyber

* How to choose a seach engine or directory?
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