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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Pro Teacher" - A Community of School Teachers

Forums or message boards are a good place to have interaction with other peoples having same interests. At various sites or blogs, you can read or learn a lot, but particiating in forums is the effective way of learning from other or exchange of ideas.

ProTeacher is a professional community for school teachers in grades PreK-8. Participants include visitors from across the United States, and guests from around the world.

It is a place for professional teachers and staff (including classroom teachers, specialists, substitute teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and student teachers) working in early childhood, elementary grades K-6 and middle school. We also welcome retired and former PreK-8 teachers with a continuing professional interest in teaching.


- see what's new more easily
- get a reserved User Name to use as your own pen name
- edit your own messages up to 24 hours after you post
- word processor like features
- view and post photos and other attachments
- SEARCH for new and updated threads since your last visit
("thread" is Internet jargon for a discussion topic or conversation)
- bookmark threads and boards that interest you
- receive optional email alerts for your bookmarks
- send and receive Private Messages with other visitors
(your email address STAYS COMPLETELY HIDDEN)
- get a private MyPage to store your favorite stuff
- get a personal Profile page to share information about yourself
(share only information that you want to share)
- start your own ProTeacher Blog, or join a group blog
- sign out and post with a different name whenever you want to

You would be asked to enter the information about your teaching area, so it is easy for them to guide you to the area of your interest. There are a lot of helpful posts and ideas which teachers can find interesting and apply them accordingly.

Register here
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